MSX/Coleco Sprite & Tile Set Editor

This is an application written in C# .Net for home brew developers to create both Sprite and Tile Set designs for their home brew projects.

The sprite design section allows:

  • multi-layer pattern design
  • animation sequences
  • export to assembler and C formats
  • import data directly from existing source code

The tile set editor section allows:

  • characters can be designed in groups of four for larger objects
  • powerful colour editting and copying

I intend on adding more features in the future.

The application is free to use, but I have included a Donate button if anyone would like to contribute to the cost of the certificate.

Download Latest Version

TI-99XX Sprite Editor

I have published an updated version of my sprite editor for the TI-99xx chipset that can be used for MSX/Coleco/Spectravideo and TI-99 development.

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MSX/Coleco Sprite & Tile Set Editor

This is a sprite editor suitable for making 16x16 sprites for machines using the TI-99XX video processor, used in computers such as MSX, Spectravideo, TI-99 and ColecoVision.

The editor allows the use of sprite layering so that you can easily simulate multiple colours.

The data can be output in a number of formats (assembler, C etc).

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