MSX and Spectravideo Software Titles

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The following is a list of the software titles that were published by Electric Adventures for both MSX and Spectravideo machines from about 1987 onwards.

I will be working at resurrecting all of the titles from the sets of 3.5" floppy disks (MSX-DOS), but I also have Spectravideo 5.25" floppies and cassette tapes as backups as well. So it might be a while but I will eventually get them all restored, and will start a library where they can be downloaded.

Most of the initial titles were written entirely in Basic, and were grouped in packs when previously sold. I'll list them separately here, in the order they were published. All of the titles were made available for both MSX and Spectravideo, and all bar one were made to run on the lowest machine specification i.e. the 16k memory limit of the SVI-318.

90% of the titles where written by myself personally, but there are some written by others that where published on the author's behalf. I will track down the original author names where they are not obvious and where possible of course as I restore them.

Lunar LanderYou are in command of a lunar landing module trying to make a safe landing on the moon, but boy are some of those landing pads in strange places.
Galactic AssaultThe alien invaders are coming to attach Earth, try and destroy them as they break formation and attack. For 1 or 2 players.
Road RacerTry and survive on the road as long as possible without crashing into the other cards.
Sprite DefinerDesign sprites to use in your own programs, with this useful utility. It caters for both sprite sizes and can rotate your shapes for you.
HopperHelp the frogs find their way home past a busy highway, a croc invested river and deadly snakes
Space WarTwo players fight it out in the space arena, the first player to hit the other ten times wins the game.
Othello ChallengerPlay the computer or another player in the classic mind game where you must out flank your opponent to capture his pieces.
PainterExplore the flexibility of your computers colours with this on screen paint brush.
Dungeon AdventureAre you brave enough to explore the deep and dangerous dungeon, where many monsters lerk, but the gains are great. Dungeons and Dragons style game, where you have to build up your character to succeed and capture the Great Orb on the fourth level.
Bomb ScareQuick! you have to defuse the five bombs in a factory before they explode. Unfortunately some of the machinery has been left on, making your job very dangerous indeed!
ExplorerWatch out for the Pitfalls of this game as you search through the fifty screens for the gold bars, dodging crocs, scorpions, rolling logs and quick sand.
ParachuteCatch the paratroopers in your boat as they jump from a helicopter into a shark-infested lagoon. The more you catch, the faster they jump.
Android AlertMove around the rooms collecting treasures and finding the key to the next level, but watch out for the killer androids.
Space InvadersShoot the aliens before they invade your planet. Move your ship left and shoot missiles at the aliens. Shoot the mothership which passes over head for bonus points.
Sub HuntDrop depth charges on the attacking subs, while avoiding their missiles. The deeper the sub you hit, the more points you score.
ChickenDodge the peak hour traffic with your chicken in this hectic game.
Demon AttackShoot the demon attackers as they swoop in to attack you, but look for their rain of fire. What's this! they seem to be invincible until fully formed,
Sea DiverDive to the bottom of the river to collect the sunken treasure as scores of under water creatures try and attack you.
Death CityBattle it out in a maze of death against the computer in this fast paced game.
Lunar RescueRescue the astronauts stranded on the surface of the moon in an asteroid shower. Drop defenseless to the surface, dodging the asteroids and pick up each man. You can now blast your way through as you slowly climb back to the rescue ship.
Sky BaseShoot the kamakasi aliens as they swirl around the screen. Wipe out two waves, dock your ship and with your added fire power move on to attach the giant mothership.
QuasimodoJump and dodge the guards and traps as you try to ring the bell at the right of each screen. Great fun with six different screens and multiple levels.
Munch ManRace Munch Man around the maze dodging the nasty ghosts and eating dots. Grab a power pill and revenge yourself for a short time.
Escape from Planet BetaCan you escape from the Planet Beta before the planet explodes. Puzzle your way through this text adventure where you instruct the computer with two word commands like SHOOT GUN, GO NORTH.
Artillery FireTwo players take turns at firing their artillery pieces at each other over a mountain range. The first one to hit the other ten times wins.
TennisThis is a version of the classic Pong tennis game.
Number PuzzleSlide the puzzle pieces around to get them in order in the least number of moves.
Towers of HanoiTry and move the different size disks from one of the three towers to the other in the least number of moves. A very challenging puzzle.
Gold RushCollect all the gold nuggets scattered all over the screen, but to get to each one you have to get past disolving platforms, radioactive plants and bouncing balls.
PyramidFind the fabled gem hidden in a pyramid lost deep in a desert. Another challenging adventure game where you command the computer with two word commands like DRINK WATER, THROW STICK.
Missile CommandStop the missiles from hitting your cities with your anti missiles. Be careful how many you use as you only have a small supply.
Master MindTry and guess the hidden colour code the computer has chosen with clues the computer gives you.
Leaky RoofQuick! Catch the rain drops in your bucket before the room is filled to overflowing with water, but make sure you empty your bucket out of the windows.
Mini GolfPlay alone or with a friend on this mini golf course where you have to putt the ball around obstacles and into the hole.
Black JackBuild up your money total as you pit your skills and luck against the computer banker.
Break OutBust down the brick wall with you bat and ball, but look out it's harder than you think.
Space FighterShoot the alien attackers as they race to attack you in formation.
3D-MazeSee if you can find your way out of his maze which is displayed on the screen in 3D.
SurroundPlay against an opponent trying to surround them with your moving wall.
Crazy KongJump the barrels as you make your way up the screen to rescue the girl. Next dodge moving platforms and girders and then finally collect all the bolts holding the Crazy Kong in place at the top of the screen.
Star Base IBe amazed at the number of aliens and bullets that move about the screen in this very difficult space game.
Lunar Lander IIA brilliant sequel to the original Lunar Landing game which allows you to design your own landscapes to try and land your craft on.
TwisterLike a two dimensional Rubiks cube, this game displays nine different coloured squares each containing four smaller squares. These 36 squares are then jumbled around on the screen and you must rebuild the original display. Its very simple and very addictive.
ReverseYour task is to arrange the ten jumbled numbers into ascending order by reversing some or all of them. Check it out - its not easy!
Fox and GeeseCan you as the Fox penetrate the line of advancing geese and get to the other side of the board before they corner you.
Grand PrixYou are in the drivers seat in a race to the chequered flag while avoiding slower cars. Hitting another car or two wheels off the track will slow you down and lose points.
SubstrikeDrop depth charges on the enemy below. The deeper or faster the target the more points you will score.
SnakeMove the snake around to eat the diamonds, but mind you do not cross your own tail.
City BomberYou must destroy the towering buildings of the city before you can land safely
Spectra DerbyPlace your bets and have a day at the races. Even if you lose it is painless.
Bug CatcherTwo players move around the garden and the one with the most bugs caught - wins. Great for younger children.
Spectra KongWin the lady's heart by getting to the top of the screen - but watch out for the falling barrels.
TennisA colour version of the original black and white TV game.
Musical KeyboardThis program turns your computer keyboard into a musical keyboard and allows you to select note length and octave.
Bombs AwayDestroy targets in the ravine below. Be warned - it gets harder the more targets you hit.
Mirkwood ForestGraphics adventure where you must escape from the forest by finding four keys, eating food to maintain energy, while avoiding spiders. This one will really test your adventure gaming ability.
Chopper PilotThe fourteen levels of this game make it very compelling. Keeping clear of the canyon walls, fly your helicopter to do battle with the enemy fighters, bombers, missiles and UFO's. Great skills required.
Jumping CowboyA 'platform' game of nine screens were you must collect all of the opals to get to the next screen.
Super SmasherMove the bat to smash the ball through the two brick walls. Has three levels of difficulty.
Fruit CatcherCatch falling fruit in your cart. As you catch more, the types of fruit will change and fall at a faster rate.
Pro GolfPlay a round of gold on this eighteen hole golf course with a selection of clubs.
Astro FighterZap those alien invaders as they try and take over the Earth.
Asteroid ShowerDodge the asteroids as the hurtle towards you down the screen.
Copy CatHow long can you survive as you try and repeat the coloured sequences back that the computer plays to you.
MemoryBased on the card game memory, you have to try and collect more pairs than the computer can.
Monkey MathsHelp the monkey climb the tree and get the coconut by answering the maths sums correctly. Fifteen levels of play are available.
Missing LettersFill in the missing letters in the words the computer gives you. Over 300 stored words and the ability for you to enter more make this an excellent program.
Table InvadersShoot the invaders as they try and attack the Earth, but what;s this! Your gun only seems to fire when you answer a tables problem correctly.
HangmanTry and guess the word before the man is fully hanged. Great version of a classic game.
OZMapYou must drive the car around Australia finding the places required as quickly as you can.
OZQuizAnswer general knowledge questions about Australia and her people.
Math DuelMakes practicing maths fun! Has 4 levels of addition and subtraction maths.
U.F.OIn this machine code game, you are under attach from UFO's. Watch out for the alien unit moving across the bottom of the screen - this will fire smart bombs. Watch out for the meteor shower and refuel when the truck appears on the screen. Requires 16k of RAM and has smooth scrolling, fast response with good sound effects. MSX only
Meteor SwarmYou are stuck in a meteor belt and you must blast your way out. Other ships are caught in the belt and will try and shoot you if you do not shoot them first. Written in 100% machine code for either SVI or MSX machines.
Birds of OrionYou must defend your Galaxy against the alien invaders, but what's this! They look like birds. Written in 100% machine code for either SVI or MSX machines.
Munch ManiaRace munchy around the screen chomping the pills and dodging the ghosts. Grab a power pill and get your revenge against the ghosts. Four different speed levels, written completely in machine code for SVI or MSX.
PyxidisFast action packed vertically scrolling shoot-em-up with three completely different levels, two speed levels, extra weapons and challenge stages. Written in machine code and using MSX/SVI graphics to the fullest.
Video GraffitiDraw colourful pictures with this easy to use painting packages. It uses pull down menus and includes a zoom function for you to get the most our of your MSX/SVI computer. Written in BASIC and machine code. Supports a joystick port mouse.
StrandedYou have been shipwrecked on a deserted island and have to find a way to leave before night falls. This is a text adventure where you instruct the computer with two word commands like GO NORTH, CLIMB ROPE (Requires extra memory on the SVI-318)
Spectra-trviaThe famous trivia game now on your computer. These are trivia quiz games for up to four players. The computer rolls the dice and each player moves in turn. At certain points you will be asked questions. There is a provision for you to create your own questions and answer file.
Lethe CastleTry and solve the mystery of Lethe Castle in this graphics adventure of high standard. MSX only