I have published a new version of my MSX/Coleco Sprite & Tile Set Editor for Windows. 
Here is a short update video on the development of Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) on behalf of Collectorvision games. 

In this episode we are going to cover two things, detecting whether any enemy objects hit the player ship as well as display the number of lives the players has remaining.

This will also include detecting when the player is out of lives and ending the game.  We will enhance this some more in a future episode.

The supplied code has two folders, Start, where we start the episode and End the final code and a copy of the ROM file.

The video associated with this episode is located here.


Latest News

1/15/2017 NES Tileset Editor

Working on cutting up the art assets for Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death for the NES, and making improvements to my NES Tileset Editor at the same time.  Needs a bit of work to make it into something that I can share, but by the time I finish this game it should be pretty solid.


As we close out 2016, it has been a good year for Retro home-brew development here at Electric Adventures.  

There have been some family and person health issues I have had to sort through, but I seem to be getting closer to my old self.

  • Meteor Swarm for the NES was released on physical cartridge, Collectorvisions 1st proper NES release
  • A new title got started, with the prototype of Bezerk for Colecovision.

I made progress on other titles, and also released a new version of my Sprite and Tileset editor to assist all home brew developers.

In no particular order the Electric Adventures releases planned for 2016 will consist of:

  • Sydney Hunter (NES)
  • Pyxidis (Coleco/MSX/Spectravideo and NES)
  • Seaquest 99 (Coleco/MSX/Spectravideo)
  • Cavern Fighter (Coleco/MSX/Spectravideo and NES)

Quite a few of these are actually getting quite close to being finished.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Years and a prosperous 2017


10/15/2012 Facebook Page

To make it easier to publish videos, and gather interest in the re-release of the Electric Adventure titles, I have created a Facebook page.

Check it out here: Electric Adventures Facebook page

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