Game On Expo Retro Gaming Championship Cartridge

The Game On Expo Retro Gaming Championship cartridge for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was developed for John Lester (Gamster81)'s new Retro Gaming expo in Arizona.

The cartridge contains three mini-games, with each person having to play through the games with a maximum time limit of 6 minutes and 21 seconds.

The mini-games included in the cartridge are:

  • Sydney Hunter & The Curse of The Mayans
  • Pedal to the Metal
  • Meteor Swarm

Well the NES cartridge for the Game On Expo Retro Gaming Championships is code complete and has been sent off for duplication. Good luck to everyone who has a chance to compete in the play offs.
I will be working on some more releases for the NES over the coming months so stay tuned for more news soon.

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