Sydney Hunter & The Caverns Of Death (NES)

Sydney Hunter & The Caverns of Death is a classic style platformer, very much suited to the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The game and concept are owned by Collectorvision, and this game will form part of the series of Sydney Hunter games released for multiple systems.

I will be developing the game mechanics, based on the engine for the Sydney Hunter mini-game I made for the Game On Expo Championship cartridge in 2015.

The original art assets have arrived and the initial phase of cutting up into tiles, tile maps and sprites has begun.

Little progress update for Sydney Hunter and The Caverns of Death for NES.
Finally have my map and tile editor working, which allows me to create and manage tile placement in groups that works with the NES colour limitations.
The existing engine is working in the new build so I will do a video demo once I have more of the map completed.

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