Seaquest 99

Seaquest 99 Title ScreenSeaquest 99 Screen ShotSeaquest for the Atari 2600 was one of my favourite games back in the day, and a game that should have been brought out for other systems.  So Seaquest 99 is a TI-99xx version of the game i.e. it will run on Colecovision, original Spectravideo and MSX machines.


I had an afternoon this weekend where I was left alone and have been playing Seaquest for the Atari 2600 a bit lately, trying to set a high score, and I couldn't stop thinking about the game and how it could be done on the TI-99xx chipset i.e. Colecovision, MSX and original Spectravideo.

I sat down and started putting together some of the graphics, and then started putting the framework of the game together.

Seaquest 99 Screenshot

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