EA Classics

EA Classics is a combined single cartridge release of the 1st three of my games written completely in machine code that were released for the original Spectravideo and MSX machines in the mid-80's.

So far it is available for the Colecovision, but I will be releasing it for both the original Spectravideo and MSX computers in cartridge form shortly.


EA Classics for Colecovision is now ready for pre-order from the Collector Vision web site.

EA Classics Pre-order at CollectorVision

EA Classics US Cover

EA Classics Export Cover


EA Classics Colecovision combined beta is now ready for testing by my two wonderful testers :)

I do know of one bug in Munchmania, but I'll try and fix that tomorrow before I send it out.

A CollectorVision opening screen will be added shortly as well.

A short video is available on my Facebook page here:


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