Legacy Software

Here you will find details of the Software titles published by Electric Adventures in the early 80's.

This list will be expanded as my work digitally restoring titles are finalized.  

All Basic based games are available for download for MSX, hopefully I will also be able to include download links for the original Spectravideo in the future.

Play the computer or another player in the classic mind game where  you must out flank your opponent to capture his pieces.
Two players fight it out in the space arena, the first player to hit the other ten times wins the game.
Help the frogs find their way home past a busy highway, a croc invested river and deadly snakes.

The alien invaders are coming to attack Earth, try and destroy them as they break formation and attack. For 1 or 2 players.

Race your formula one car along a tracked packed with other drivers.
The inspiration for this game was a hand held LCI game I used to like where you had to get as far as you could with out crashing into the cars.
A very simple game, but one where I was starting to use multiple sprites to give the cars more colour.  Another good example of what you can do in very little code in Spectravideo and MSX Basic.
You are in command of a lunar landing module trying to make a safe landing on the moon, but boy are some of those landing pads in strange places.
Video Grafitti is written mostly in BASIC but with machine code extensions to manage smooth pointer movement when using a mouse and to enable a fast pop-down menu that preserves the contents of the screen it covers.
Try and move the different size disks from one of the three towers to the other in the least number of moves.  A very challenging puzzle.
This is a version of the classic Pong tennis game.
Drop depth charges on the attacking subs, while avoiding their missiles.  The deeper the sub you hit, the more points you score.

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