Legacy Software

Here you will find details of the Software titles published by Electric Adventures in the early 80's.

This list will be expanded as my work digitally restoring titles are finalized.  

All Basic based games are available for download for MSX, hopefully I will also be able to include download links for the original Spectravideo in the future.

Dodge the peak hour traffic with your chicken in this hectic game.
Drop depth charges on the attacking subs, while avoiding their missiles.  The deeper the sub you hit, the more points you score.
Shoot the aliens before they invade your planet.  Move your ship left and shoot missiles at the aliens.  Shoot the mothership which passes over head for bonus points.

Move around the rooms collecting treasures and finding the key to the next level, but watch out for the killer androids.

Catch the paratroopers in your boat as they jump from a helicopter into a shark-infested lagoon.  The more you catch, the faster they jump.
Watch out for the Pitfalls of this game as you search through the fifty screens for the gold bars, dodging crocs, scorpions, rolling logs and quick sand.
Are you brave enough to explore the deep and dangerous dungeon, where many monsters lurk, but the gains are great.  Dungeons and Dragons style game, where you have to build up your character to succeed and capture the Great Orb on the fourth level.
Quick! you have to defuse the five bombs in a factory before they explode.  Unfortunately some of the machinery has been left on, making your job very dangerous indeed!
Play the computer or another player in the classic mind game where  you must out flank your opponent to capture his pieces.
Two players fight it out in the space arena, the first player to hit the other ten times wins the game.

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