Electric Adventures The Beginning

Electric Adventures began in the mid-eighties when I had put together a number of titles and needed a name to start publishing them under.

Starting out with titles written entirely in Basic for the Spectravideo SV-318 and SV-328, I progressed to Basic programs with some machine code extensions e.g. Video Graphitti uses a machine code routine to smoothly capture the mouse position and update the sprite used for the drawing cursor. This allowed the user to draw fairly fine curves.

Next I moved on to games written entirely in machine code, they included clones of Asteroids, Pheonix and Pacman, and an original title Pyxidis (yes another vertically scrolling shoot-em-up - I have been reading comments in the forums).

More Recent Times

In more recent times, I have felt the urge to try things that I could not achieve back in the day so have expanded development first to converting a number of titles to the Colecovision, followed by completely jumping platforms and developing titles for the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

I have also developed a number of Cross Platform development tools, sharing them with the community, along with a set of Videos on my Youtube Channel, so others can get started in writing new games for older systems.

Coupled with these new platforms and my joy of all things retro, I have built up quite a large collection of Retro Consoles, Computers and Software.

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